LUCIUS HERB & SOAP ENTERPRISE also known as Luc Skin Lab is specialized in handmaking soap. 

We customize soap based on the customer's skin condition. We will use different formulation and combination of oils. Every oil has specific properties in playing a specific role in soap making. 

We use good ingredients such as certain herbs are homegrown, dried & infuse with desired oil. We usually go for the long process to wait for months before use it in soap making hence we guarantee we produce good quality products. There are no artificial coloring is used in this soap, the color is from butterfly pea flower which does anti-aging and anti-inflammation well. 

We always provide the consistent quality products to our customer to ensure they are satisfied with our service.

Please contact us by our whatsapp or email. Besides, we are also available on Facebook and Instagram. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information! 

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